On Friday, June 5th, 2015, Bro. Joseph Fannell, beloved and only son of Pastor Jeff and Sis. Evelyn, succumbed to injuries suffered at the hand of a driver who ran through a red light. Joseph’s celebration of life was held on Friday, June 12th.  
The family has established the “Joseph M. Fannell Memorial Fund” to further Joe’s memory and to assist as led with contributions towards the arts and to counseling for high school students.  For more information on Bro. Joseph and the Memorial Fund visit the website at or
Please continue to keep the family in your prayers.  
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As of December 1, just about six months following Joseph’s death, the Burlington County Prosecutor’s office has issued a ticket to the driver, Raymond Blinn, who killed Joseph after deciding to run a red light.  While no apology nor attempt to do so, to this date, has been made, Raymond Blinn must be held accountable for his actions. We appreciate your support and prayers. Please share and post #justiceforjoseph.  To read more, click on the article here…